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About Us

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Our mission at Milhamz is to contribute to the economic development of Africa through global trade and partnership.

Our diversified and integrated business functions admirably in light of the fact that all parties involved rely upon the soundness of a trusting solution. We source commodities directly from women cooperatives and farmers in different communities, and have dedicated a portion of our profits to community development projects. We supply our reputable business partners with various goods and services so they can meet their organizational goals


Our Background

We have worked and lived both in the US and Nigeria, gaining experience in Digital Mortgage Lending, Property Development & Real Estate, Agricultural Commodity Trading, Wholesale Distribution, and Product Development. We established Milhamz, a company dedicated to finding cutting-edge solutions and providing great services, with the aim of connecting the 2 countries we call home.

Our products and services are designed to satisfy all of our customers, anytime, anywhere. We are committed to customer satisfaction as our top priority.

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